Tooth Bleaching (Whitening)

Tooth bleaching

With advancement of aesthetics restoration materials,any kind of color,shape and position disorder can easily be treated.  

Due to the exposure to external effects ,teeth might have discoloration. If discoloration is the reason why you can’t confidently smile,consulting with your dentist would be the easiest solution.

The cosmetic agents used without approval of your dentist will be ineffective and can damage the teeth.Damages caused by these agents vary from weakened enamel,cavity to deformation and soft tissue problems. 

Advanced tooth bleaching systems used by our clinic will provide long term success in having white teeth and this comes back to us as a positive feedback from our patients.

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What is bleaching?

  • Prior to bleaching,patient must have the plaques and stains removed mechanically and have a clean tooth surface.
  • The bleaching operation lasts between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours and it must be carried out by a qualified dentist in the clinic.
  •  Before the bleaching material is applied onto the designated teeth,the dentist puts a gum protector that would inhibit the interaction of the material with the gum.
  • In the final stage,material is applied on the teeth that need to be bleached.