Aesthetic Fillings


What is adhesive system (bonding)?

Adhesive system is an extra work done to change the color or shape,enlarge or fix a defect of a tooth. Microfill agents ,which are used in this process,are mounted on the tooth surface  and can fix the discoloration.Bonding is one of the most sophisticated methods of protective dentistry.

Do patients feel pain during bonding?

No! In most of the cases even anesthesia is not required.

Does bonding make it look natural?

Yes! If it is applied by a qualified dentist in cosmetic dentistry.

Would there be any change in teeth color after adhesive system application?

Microfill agents are obtained with high end technology and carries similar characteristics to these of teeth and can change color as much as teeth.Surface roughness can be mitigated by polishing and this will increase the resistance against stains.Stains caused by external factors like tobacco,tea,fizzy drinks,coffee can be cleaned up in routine check-ups.

Would it require a special care? 

There are some restrictions like eating not too hard goods by biting.(ice,candy)Also nail biting is not recommended.

What is the lifespan of bonding?

This duration depends on the bonding material used and the ability of the dentist who applied that.Yet,the average ranges between 5-10 years.Bonding can be re-applied after the first one is worn out.

Is this an expensive treatment?

Compared to other aesthetic methods ,bonding is cheaper. What determines the price is the material selection generally.

How long is the treatment period?

In most of the cases one session is enough and session lasts around 1 hour.Number of sessions depends on the process to be applied.

Can bonding be applied to anyone?  

Yes! Almost to all age groups have the chance to better their smiles.