Is a branch of dentistry that is concerned with  treatment of tooth irregularities and disproportionate jaw relationships. Orthodontic treatments are done by Orthodontists. Orthodontics treatment is applied during the deciduous teeth (milk teeth)era and it averts the problems caused by thumb sucking and/or lip biting during that era.With the Orthodontic treatment,a permanent deformation in the structure of the jaw is prevented. Also mixed dentition stage is within the scope of orthodontics.During mixed dentition,both milk teeth and adult teeth coexist in the mouth.Due to early fall out of milk teeth and because of that fact,the inability to guide the growing adult teeth, there occurs a problem of space inadequacy. Orthodontics is involved with these inadequacies as well as the incompatability of disproportinately developed jaws and the irregular line up of permanent teeth. Orthodontics also covers the irregularities stemmed from gum diseases and missing teeth.

Depending on its application method ,orthodontics treatment can be divided into two categories;


- Fixed apparatus orthodontics treatment:

As can be understood from its name,it is fixed and can not be removed by the patient.In the fixed apparatus treatment, metal or porcelain braces with orifices are applied .A wire passes through these orifices for reinforcement and it gets replaced once in every 4 to 6 weeks.Braces can be mounted and removed by the orthodotist only.


- Removable apparatus orthodontics treatment:

Removable apparatus treatment method applies to the cases in which easily removable apparatus is used such as the aligners and retainers. This method is generally adopted for kids age between 6-12 .Aligners or retainers can be removed and placed by the patients themselves.In some cases both removable and fixed apparatus can be applied simultaneously.


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Issues that must be paid special attention to while applying orthodontics treatment;

Before starting an orthodontics treatment,all the pre-existing cavities and gum diseases must be completely treated. Oral hygiene ,regardless it is fixed or removable apparatus,must be sustained under any circumstance. If the patient is using removable apparatus,after every meal they must be taken out and enable tooth-brushing.Sanity of apparatus is required as well when taken out of mouth.

Braces retain food leftovers therefore after every meal patients wearing braces should clean the braces and the wire with orthodontical tooth-brushes elaborately. If oral hygiene is not maintained, patients will be subject to gum diseases and cavities during orthodontics treatment.