Bad Breath(Halitosis)

Bad smelling breath causes embarressment and socio-psychological problems and it might even affect the marriages.


  • The substances composed of sulfur that are leftovers of bacteria in the mouth cause odor.
  • Bacteria layers and food leftovers accumulate in the back of tongue.The surface of tongue has a rough texture and this creates pothole like pockets that are  suitable environment for bacteria reproduction.A significant portion of sulfur exists in these pockets.
  • If the tooth surface is not kept clean,in a very short time it becomes a suitable environment for bacteria.
  • Patients with advanced level gum diseases are unable to clean some restricted areas with tooth brush therefore uncleaned areas might cause odor due to containment of bacteria.
  • Good news is that the odor caused by bacteria can be eliminated after a short treatment.
  • In a full mouth check-up,odor tests can be applied in order to measure the sulfur levels.
  • Advanced level gum diseases and cavities should be treated so as to prevent formation of bad smell.
  • Mouth infections must be treated and problematic teeth must be removed in order not to cause infection.
  • Oral hygiene must be maintained. Teeth and tongue surface must be kept clean. Mouth wash liquids and tooth pastes can help keep the mouth clean.
  • In order to prevent mouth dryness,it is recommended to drink plenty of water during the day.
  • Stimulate the saliva production by chewing sugar-free gums.
  • Try to consume goods containing substantial amount of water inside,such as (tomatoes,celery,leeks,parsley) ve fruits (apple).
  • Consuming parsley based tablet pills.
  • Try to avoid garlic,onion and spice,if you can’t try to consume them cooked. Also due to digestive reasons ,dairy products might lead to bad smell as well.
  • Chewing coffee beans and sucking orange and lemon shells can be conducive.
  • Avoid alcohol and tobacco products.

It is easy to fix the mouth odor problem but needs treatment.If the problem persists, other reasons must be investigated.

Other reasons of bad breath;

Especially sinus and lung sourced infections
Renal failure
Liver failure
Metabolismic problems
Hunger,diet,mouth dryness,fasting